The Little Green Bar Co.


"Love the woods, 
love the wildlife, 

respect your fellow man, even when drunk"


Local produce by Artisans.
Less travel miles. 

Support your community. 



Bio-degradable glasses.
Tagged glasses = less water, less harmful detergents.

Most of our products are Vegan, Gluten Free and/or Organic.

about the Little Green Bar Co...


We provide for Two Woods Estate a small eco (green) bar, using as many local products as we can. 

We stock craft and session ales, lager,cider and even some of our spirits are local.

A lot of our products are vegan, gluten free and/or organic. Mostly in bottles, although if required we can bring in pins or barrels/kegs for larger weddings.

Along with our green philosophy, we use Eco glasses that are made of corn starch, this means that they biodegrade on the compost heap or in normal rubbish piles within two weeks.

It also means a lot less water and detergents are used per event. Using this process also enables us to keep our prices lower meaning that you can try premium local products at reasonable prices.

Please see our drinks packages for 2020 below. 

Wedding Decor
Wedding Table Set
Reception Drink

Drinks Packages

Two Woods Estate 2020

Silver Birch

Per Person

On arrival - Tea Coffee, Soft drink

On table - 1/3 Bottle wine 

1 sparkling toasting drink

Jug of iced table water

| £10.50 per person |

Golden Oak

Per Person

On arrival - As above

On table - 1/3 Bottle wine/ Sharing beer 

1 sparkling toasting drink

Mineral water

| £13.50 per person |

Royal Redwood

Per Person

On arrival - Pimms, Beer, Soft drink, Hot drink

On table - 1/2 Bottle wine/ Sharing beer 

1 sparkling toasting drink

Mineral water

| £17.50 per person |

Toasting Drink in The Woods with our
Self-Serve Package

1 Glass of Prosecco with Eco Glass    | £3.50 per person |

1 Kilner of Lemonade   | £25.00 |

Options for Meadow Drinks

1 Kilner of Pimms Based on 46 servings @ £3.00 pp  | £138.00 |

1 Kilner of Cloudy Lemonade  | £25.00 |

1 Kilner Iced Water  | £5.00 | 

Bottled Larger - Blonde  | £2.55 |

Bottled Ale - Sussex | £2.95 |

Full Management of our Packages includes:

Chilling of your drinks 

Delivery of drinks to table or chosen location

Provision of glasses

Bottles and packaging disposal